The port of Piraeus (including Main Port, Perama, Ikonion, Drapetsona & Iraklion) is the chief port in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world, servicing about 20 million passengers annually.
  • General Description
  • Anchorage Areas
  • Tide
  • Weather Restrictions
  • Working Hours
  • Services

General Description

Coordinates: 37°56’N / 23°38’E
B. A. Νautical Chart No: 8017
Time zone: UTC +2 hrs
Port ID: 21852
Port Security Level: 1

Piraeus main port is used mainly for passenger and car traffic calls as well as for cruise calls.

Designated Container Terminal and Car Terminal are adjacent to Ikonion Perama and Drapetsona, as well as handling of general cargo, some petroleum products and liquid chemicals


General ship repairs

  • Drapetsona
  • Perama
  • Kynosoura
  • Ambelakia

Main Port

  • Passenger ships
  • Ferries
  • Cruise vessels

It is the largest port for cruise and passenger traffic in the Mediterranean Sea and offers 11 berths, 2 passenger terminals and can accommodate the largest cruise ships in operation. The port caters for all traffic to Greek islands by high speed and conventional passenger and ferry ships.


The Commercial port (Iraklion, Ikonion Perama and Drapetsona) consists of:

  • Car Terminal

– Area G1 with total surface area 47.140 m² length of quay 373 m and depth 11 m for 2.300 vehicles

– Area G2 with total surface area 145.000 m², length of quay 1.167 m and depth 10-11 m for 7.000 vehicles

  • Drapetsona Repair Base with depths varying between 4-16.5 m.

The Container Terminal at Neo Ikonion consists of the:

  • East Pier of 500 m length and 18 m depth
  • West Pier of 320 m length and 12 m depth

A new waterside railway station is under construction, whose main railway line will link the port with the new Freight Station of Intermodal Transport of Athens at Thriassio of Elefsina.


There are petrochemical facilities at Drapetsona and Perama but of limited use nowadays.


The General cargo facilities at Ikonion and Schisto and bulk cargo berths vary in length and offer max draft 9.10m.


Finally, at Drapetsona, Ambelakia, Kynosoura, DEH and Perama, ship repair and dry-docking facilities are available, offering berths of total length 6.035 m with drafts varying and up to 12,5 m.


Salinity 1.025

Anchorage Areas

The anchorage extends south of the port entrance (37°56’N / 23°38’E). Usually vessels arriving on a transit call are instructed to anchor within the area between 23°30’24”E / 23°34’24”E and 37°50’42”N / 37°56’12”N, i.e. south-southeast of Cape Tourla and Cape Peroni of Salamina island or 010-050 bearing from “Atalanti” island at a distance of 1-5 miles.


Anchorage is deep drafted, exceeding 70m depth in most areas and open to southerly winds. The Anchorage is utilized for ships waiting to enter Piraeus port or adjacent to Piraeus ports or for taking pilot for entering ports within Eleusis Bay. Alternatively, for receiving various services at anchor either on a “transit call with port stay of less than 24hrs” or a “free pratique call with port stay of max 30 days”. Services include bunkering, fresh water supply, minor repairs (no hot works permitted), surveys, crew changes and deliveries of cargo washings and residues or ship liquid and solid residues.


Tidal variation is minimal.

Weather Restrictions

Piraeus is an ice free port.

Working Hours

The Port is open 24/7 in three shifts per day:

Morning Shift: 7:30 – 14:30 lt
Afternoon Shift: 15.00 – 22.00 lt
Night Shift: 22:00 – 05:00 lt

except of the below official short stoppages:

  • Good Friday – afternoon shift
  • Easter Saturday – afternoon shift
  • Easter Day
  • 1st of May
  • Christmas Eve – afternoon shift
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve – afternoon shift


Husbandry Services

Operational Matters

  • Bunkering coordination & slops disposal
  • KPI & analysis of delays
  • Coordination for sampling & additivation
  • Tanks & Gas Free inspections
  • Protective agency
  • OPL services, launch hire
  • FW supply alongside or at anchorage
  • Fenders

Technical Matters

  • Spareparts clearance, wharehouse & delivery
  • Provisions, stores & lub oil sale & supply
  • Lay-by berth, repairs, drydocking
  • Removal of sludge & bilge water
  • Hull/flag inspections
  • Meet & Greet: Class Surveyors, Inspectors, Superintendents & Technicians
  • OPL services & launch hire
  • Sanitation inspections

Crewing matters

  • Crew Handling & Schengen visa formalities
  • Cash to Master
  • Medical assistance