Agioi Theodoroi

Agioi Theodoroi is a town in Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece. It is located around 12 km east of Corinth and about 63 km west of Athens in the easternmost part of Corinthia. Τhe port is located on Elefsina coast of the Saronic Gulf and is bounded by the massive Corinth Refinery which is the country’s largest industrial complex operated by Motor Oil Hellas.
  • General Description
  • Anchorage Areas

General Description

Coordinates: 37°55’N / 23°05’E
B.A. Nautical Chart No: 1598, 1657
Time zone: UTC + 2 hrs
Port Security Level: 1

Motor Oil Terminal (MOH)

The largest private oil terminal in Greece:

  • Pilotage/Tugs is compulsory
  • Berthing/Un-berthing is permitted round the clock
  • Standard mooring on dolphins
  • Sea water density about 1028
  • Standby fire tug is compulsory for low flash point cargoes

There are 5 berths:

  • Berth A has draft 22 m, no LOA or DWT limitation and shore manifold 16 inches
  • Berth B (in) has max DWT 45.000, max draft 13.5 m, max LOA 210 m and shore manifold 12 inches
  • Berth B (out) has max DWT 80.000, max draft 14 m, max LOA 240 m and shore manifold 12 inches
  • Berth C (in) has max DWT 7.000, max draft 7.5 m, max LOA 110 m and shore manifolds 8-6 inches
  • Berth C (out) has max DWT 4.000, max draft 5.5 m, max LOA 100 m and shore manifold 8-6 inches
  • Berth D for stern berthing max DWT 7.000, max draft 9 m, max LOA 125 m and shore manifold 8-6 inches

Shore manifolds range from 6 to 16 inches. Max back pressure 10kgs/cm2.


Loading rates

  • Fuel oil 2.500 tons per hour
  • Diesel oil 2.000 tons per hour
  • Lube oil 500 tons per hour
  • LPG 600 cbm per hour

Anchorage Areas

Anchorage is located about 0.5 miles off outer jetty, located north of Latitude: 37 54’ N and between Longtitude: 23°03’24”E and 23°07’3”E. The depth at the anchorage is 15 fathoms with a sandy bottom.