Pachi – Megara

Pachi – Crude Oil Terminal (Helpe Installations) is the one with the largest capacity in Greece for crude oil, belonging to the most important company in Greek Energy industry, Hellenic Petroleum.
  • General Description
  • Anchorage Areas
  • Artboard 78 Port Restrictions

General Description

Coordinates: 37°58’30”N / 23°23’E
B. A. Nautical Chart No: 1598, 1513, 1657
Admiralty Sailing Directions: NP28
Time zone: UTC +2 hrs

Hellenic Petroleum Crude Oil Berth:

  • Pilotage and Tugs are compulsory
  • The Terminal has a direct approach from open deep sea waters of the Saronic Gulf
  • There are no LOA/Beam restrictions and tankers of 20.000 – 600.000 DWT can be accommodated, berthing alongside usually on starboard. Ship mooring lines are always used
  • Max draft 29 m
  • Sea water density about 1025
  • Shore manifolds 4 x 16 inches, but 3 are in service
  • Average cargo rate 3000cbm/hour per loading arm at max back pressure 8 kgs/cm2
  • Max flow rate 4000 cbm/h

Anchorage Areas

Deep drafted anchorage is located SW of North Pachi island and can accommodate up to 3 tankers at all times.

Port Restrictions

Berthing/Un-berthing is prohibited when winds exceed 6 bf.