Eleusis Bay

Includes all ports within the Eleusis Bay Basin and consists of Skaramanga, Aspropyrgos and Eleusis.
  • General Description
  • Anchorage Areas
  • Companies and Terminals
  • Tide
  • Weather Restrictions
  • Working Hours
  • Services

General Description

Port Coordinates: 38°02′ N / 23°30′ E
B. A. Nautical Chart No: 1513, 1598, 1596, 1657
Time zone: UTC +2 hrs
Port Security Level: 1

The port has one pier with 3 berths of 300m, 300m and 80m and draft varying between 8-10 m. Rubber tyre cranes of lifting capacity 130 and 45 tons are available, as well as forklift trucks and one loader. Private cranes are also available for hire.

Cargoes: steels, scrap, cement, timber and general cargo as well as petroleum products, gases and chemicals in bulk.

Approaches to Eleusis Bay ports is either through Pachi Channel, near Megara to the West or Salamina Navy Channel to the South.


Pachi (or Poros Maegaron) Channel

  • Coordinates: 37°59’N / 23°25’E
  • BA Charts: 1598
  • Transit of Pachi channel is subject to Piraeus Pilot agreement for sailing out/in Eleusis bay, in case Navy Channel is closed.
  • Max LOA 120m on max draft 7.9 m


Salamis Navy Channel (or Atalanti Channel)

  • Coordinates: 37°58’N / 23°33’E
  • BA Charts: 1596
  • Prior application for transit must be deposited with the Piraeus or Eleusis Port Authorities. Transit must be approved. Turkish flag vessels are not allowed to transit through the Navy Channel. Transit is permitted only with pilot (and escorting tug for vessels with LOA exceeding 110m) during the official daylight hours. For night navigation, special permission is required which is infrequently approved and if approved it requires that all vessels are escorted by tug. Channel operating times to be regularly checked with Piraeus VTS, since Navy channel closes to commercial traffic, when Navy ships are navigating through the straits.
  • Max permissible transit draft is 10.89m sswat.
  • Sea water density about 1025.

Anchorage Areas

Eleusis bay anchorage is safe anchorage and used for vessel long-term lay-up for which special regulations apply.

Companies and Terminals

Besides Main Port there are separate petrochemical installations like Hellenic Petroleum (Petrola) at Eleusis, Hellenic Petroleum (ELDA) at Aspropyrgos, two shipyards/ship repairing facilities at Skaramanga and Eleusis, Vlycha port, ex US Base, Kronos cbm and private Terminals for lubricating oil (Melco), LPG (Petrogaz), steel products (Halyvourgiki), cement (Titan) and other general purpose berths.


Eleusis Oil Terminal (Petrola)

Pilotage & Tugs are compulsory for berthing/un-berthing.

Hellenic Petroleum Oil Terminal:

  • There are 2 berths available (Berth No.1 max LOA 248m at max draft 13m & Berth No.2 max LOA 500m at max draft 13.5m) but max draft is restricted by Navy Channel draft of 10.89m.
  • There is also an LPG Dock with 6 berthing positions.
  • Stand-by tug is compulsory and for vessel account.
  • Restrictions: Same restrictions as Eleusis port.
  • helpe.gr/en/


Aspropyrgos Oil Terminal (ELDA)

UN locator Code GRASS

Hellenic Petroleum Oil Terminal Aspropyrgos:

  • The Terminal is situated to the north-east of Eleusis Bay (38°02′ N / 023°35’E).
  • This port is a tanker terminal and consists of one jetty extending 170m from shore and provides two mirror berths with depth of alongside of 10.97m. Both berths accept vessels with min LOA 100m and max LOA 245m and max DWT 60,000:

– The eastern berth is equipped with three 8-inch mechanically operating arms for crude oil and oil products.

– The western berth is equipped with four 8-inch mechanically operating arms for oil products.

  • There is also an LPG berth midway between the two oil jetties (depth 7.2m and LOA 115m) for loading LPG and refined products.
  • Restrictions: Same restrictions as Eleusis port
  • helpe.gr/en/


Skaramanga Shipyard

  • Situated on the coast between the Port of Piraeus and Eleusis Bay. 8 miles far away from Athens by car.
  • Max draft through Navy Channel 10.89 m.
  • Daylight Navigation only for transit through Navy Channel.
  • Pilotage & Tugs are compulsory for berthing/un-berthing and Navy Channel.
  • Skaramanga Shipyard is the largest shipyard in Eastern Mediterranean.

It offers two graving docks:

  • 1st dock: 500.000 DWT with max LOA 421.2 m and max width 75 m.
  • 2nd dock: 250.000 DWT with max LOA 335,3 m and max width 53.6 m.

The shipyard also offers 3 floating docks:

  • 1st dock: DWT 72.000, max LOA 252.2 m, max breadth 37 m and lifting capacity 30.000 mt
  • 2nd dock: DWT 37.000, max LOA 195.6 m, max breadth 32 m and lifting capacity 22.000 mt
  • 3rd dock: DWT 60.000, max LOA 232.3 m, max breadth 34 m and lifting capacity 25.500 mt

There are also 2 floating cranes of 130 tons and 36 tons capacity as well as repair berths of total length 2.500 m and 2 slipways of 37.000 DWT and 6.000 DWT capacity



Eleysis Shipyard

  • Max draft through Navy Channel 10,89 meters sswat.
  • Daylight Navigation only for transit through Navy Channel.
  • Pilotage & Tugs are compulsory for berthing/un-berthing and Navy Channel.
  • The shipyard offers for new-building construction one berth with LOA 200 m and beam 55 ms, served by 1 gantry crane 400 tons for max DWT 50.000.

The shipyard also has 3 floating docks:

  • 1st dock: nominal DWT 22.000, lifting capacity 7.500 tons, max LOA 162 m, max breadth 22.8 m, served by 2×5 ton cranes
  • 2nd dock: nominal DWT 70.000, lifting capacity 18.000 tons, max LOA 227 m, max breadth 32.2 m, served by 2×20 ton cranes
  • 3rd dock: nominal DWT 120.000, lifting capacity 30.000 tons, max LOA 252 m, max breadth 40 m, served by 2×12 ton cranes.



Tidal variation is minimal.

Weather Restrictions

All Eleusis Bay Ports are ice free ports.

Working Hours

The Port is open 24/7 in three shifts per day:

Morning Shift: 7:30 – 14:30 lt
Afternoon Shift: 15.00 – 22.00 lt
Night Shift: 22:00 – 05:00 lt

except of the below official short stoppages:

  • Good Friday – afternoon shift
  • Easter Saturday – afternoon shift
  • Easter Day
  • 1st of May
  • Christmas Eve – afternoon shift
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve – afternoon shift


Most general services are available including bunkering, lubricants, fresh water, ships stores and technical supplies, provisions, crew changes, repairs and dry-docking facilities.